‘A Boy Alone’ — the One Page Treatment of all Four Books in the series

© 2018, Mirror Image Edutainment, Alan John Mayer ‘A Boy Alone’ series

Time: 1911
Scene: the palace in the heart of the small kingdom of Entitlement, and the State of Abundance.

A Boy Alone is a twisted biography for young people of all ages.

BOOK I — Obsessed

For six years, King Godwyn and Queen Pristine of Abundance have held the spotlight on their daughter, Princess Princilla.  Nothing is good enough for the little princess.  Six years later, the stork visits the palace again, and delivers a prince.  The prince is christened Aloneous, and quickly becomes a favorite among palace staff, in particular for Miss Joi Dyer, the new young governess from Grace.

The prince’s arrival pushes his sister out of her spotlight.  After an evening galavanting around in the Troubled Forest, an intervention with Hecate, Queen of the Dark, Princilla casts a spell on the palace and staff.  She convinces the prince he is an adopted orphan from Fear.  The prince has no reason to doubt her.  She is, after all, his elder, and therefor she knows better, or so the prince thinks.

BOOK II Hoodwinked

Abundance, the palace of Entitlement, 1936

Princilla will stop at nothing to hold her position as sole heir to the kingdom of Entitlement, and the State of Abundance.  After sending the king and Queen away to Discord, under false pretenses, she locks the prince out of his chambers, then the palace.  She dismissed the prince’s governess and teachers, and executes a coup.

The young prince hides in the stable with Tempest, Spitfire, and Peter, the stableboy.  Soon, animals and plants are talking to him, and he understands.  The plants and animals befriend him, and he learns their language.  One day the flora and fauna are gone, uprooted, and the prince, heaped over mounds of dirt and severed roots, is left in a depression.

During King Godwyn and Queen Pristine’s absence in Discord, Princess Princilla carries out her plan to expel the prince from Entitlement, and the State of Abundance.  Princilla bribes her lady’s maid, Edwina Zambelli, to burn down the stable, and the prince makes a narrow escape into the hills, and disappears into the State of Confusion.

Time: 1919
Place: The states of Confusion, Forgiveness, and Determination.

BOOK III Lost in Confusion

When King consort Godwyn and Queen Pristine return from their visit to the Queen’s mentally unstable twin sister Erica in Discord, Princilla butts heads with her mother. Soon, Princilla is married off in a raffel to new husband, Gerkeford of Indifference, move to Oh-Well.  After an enchanting honeymoon in play, during which they became familiar with each other’s birthmarks and freckles, Princilla and her new husband Gerk move to Oh-Well to be close to her in-laws.  Gerk it seems, has been invited to become active in the Indifference family construction business.

Prince Aloneous wanders in the state of Confusion for years, homeless, searching, still unsure of his discredited royal birth. For years, he wanders aimlessly, learning one forgiveness opportunity after another, meeting along the way, many colorful characters of color.  Some draw to him. Others draw from him.

One day, Prince Aloneous, now asking to be called Alone, stumbles into the University of Understanding.  He registers, matriculates, and is given a new lease on life in which he is free to study the world.  Upon graduation, he accepts a teaching position at the Academy of Forgiveness, and his life blossoms.

While Princess, Madam Princilla, with husband Gerk at her side, is in Mwanza, Darcontina, in search for exotic pelts for her upcoming fall collection of coats and jackets, the princess is struck by lightning.  Though little more than fried, burnt hair and orange skin, she is left with aphasia.

Time: 1960
Place: the states of Abundance, Discord, Forgiveness, and Tolerance


Madam Princilla is shaken up, unharmed, but unable to speak, leaving husband Gerk at his wife’s beck and call, jumping to snapping fingers.  Prince Alone is instilled as Ambassador of the state of Determination, and determined to help his sister, discovers the sludge on the shores of Crystal Lake possess healing properties which can cure her aphasia, the orange skin and kinky hair, resulting from her lightning experience in Mwanza.  Her fall collection never appeared.

Prince Alone has sampled taken of the sludge, and has it examined, sterilized, bottled, and sent to his sister, without an addressee.

The princess heals, and steps into a budding career as silent sales hostess on the new medium of television.  Alone goes to Punjai, to live in a monestary with monks, where he writes a book for children, followed a year later by his Guide to Parents ‘Your Child Too Can Graduate Valecidtorian and Take Care of You in Your Golden Years’.  When under hypnosis the prince finally does remember his royal identity, he realizes he is no longer content to be the person he spent his lifetime looking for.  Home, he learns, is not on this planet.

Eventually Prince Aloneous sets down roots in a windmill lighthouse on a peak in Tolerance, where he sets about to bring right thought, right word, and right order to Abundance, leaving the upscoming reign for his sister.  The subjects of Abundance however, do not want the princess. “Hey hey Ho Ho” they chant “Princess Princilla has got to go”.

Is the kingdom left to Queen Pristine’s twin sister, Princess Erica of Discord?  Can the princess handle it?  There is not only the kingdom to consider, but the relationship with The sixteen United States of Consciousness.

The voyages of Prince Aloneous Bonheur, from this point on, continue onward and upward.

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