Computer Virus? Pray it away

Once I clicked “yes” to an online invitation from someone who did not remember sending it, and I received in return a virus that I had to go to great lengths to kill. Then I had to face up to everybody who received that virus as a forward from my e-mail address. I don’t like having to take responsibility for others, but then if I don’t, who will?

If it is to be it is up to me.

The recovering co-dependent in me doesn’t want anyone to think I am denying them or I don’t want to be their friend.  I had to delete most of my Facebook friends because every time they sneezed or passed gas Facebook felt it their duty to inform me.  I am beginning to learn how to protect myself.  For anyone older, it’s easy to wonder how (mis)communication could have changed so fast.  Slowly, surely, I move forward, carrying with me an enlightened perception of God.  This elevated spirit carries with me the knowledge all things work out in the end.

That end will of course be our Call Home.

I release all computer viruses in the name of the Lord.  We speak this word in the name of anyone who can read, (our names here).  We accept God’s love as we understand God to be, Buddah, Christ, Krishna, Mother Nature, Mud.  We give thanks for the countless gifts that come from the mud of our beautiful home earth to serve us in the form of cars, refrigerators, and Barbi dolls.  In every moment we live consciously in this beautiful home of ours, respecting it, appreciating it, neither Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Jew, but Pantheistic Inclusiastics and all Believers, too.

I release my thoughts knowing my word is divine cause. And so it is.



About AmericanValuesRestored

"Glad to have you, Alan," said the A.D. The purpose of this blog,, is to provide thoughtful writing, and direct the reader to spiritually inspired videos on how to teach your cat to use the toilet, how to train your dog to make you heel, and references to the state of Abundance, as introduced in book I of my seven book series, 'A Boy Alone,' 'Obsessed.' Take a step into Consciousness. Check it out on Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Smashwords, and Barnes and Noble. For a good laugh, go to YouTube, and check out Meck&Miao, and Pokey. Some cute short videos under a minute include: 'Tonight's Entertainment.' 'Meck takes the stairs,' 'Meck and Miao examine the new puppy,' 'Happy together,' 'Afternoon Delight,' 'Pokey and Miao fight it out,' 'Meck and Miao attack,' and 'National Boxing Day." Meck&Miao and Pokey.
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