Now that I know what I didn’t know then — World Affairs

edit 2018 Mirror Image Edutainment, Alan John Mayer

In the news:

Peaceful Turkisk demonstrations turn violent when police intervene.
In the International News:

Russia has made it illegal to even discuss homosexuality. Anyone caught doing so is subject to a $25,000 Euro fine and imprisonment.

Greece’s government has shut down all state run broadcasting, creating further protest among its citizens.
Germany’s flood clean up bill now exceeds 12 billion Euros and only eight lives (so far).

The good news (gospel) is:

The Netherlands has committed itself to developing more ecofriendly housing by creating new islands and extending houseboat square footage capability by 50%. This means more Dutch will have more room to serve cheese and cocoa in.

By 2014, The European Union will demand all new automobiles contain the newly developed automatic emergency response call buttons which go into effect when the airbag is deployed or the driver pushes it.  (I’d like to be the guy who invented that one!)

In local news:

Bea Mitz tells writer Alan Obermayer, if he introduces religion into his character’s conversation he needs to go into more detail.  She also suggested the same about my protagonist’s P.T.S.D. (Post Trauma Stress Dis-order).

I guess we’re on our way.
One life.
One God.
One life in God are we all.  God bless and protect our schools, our teachers, our students, our administrators, our politicians, and our American Democracy.
This is the truth whether I believe it or not.
I accept.
I give thanks.
And so it is.



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