The Naked Man — Der Nakte Mann — Post Scriptus

Now that I am more aware of the situation, I realize what was so captivating about the naked man, he was walking down the street like a god. I thought about it. Jesus was crucified by people who did not want to hear the truth. There is the argument if one person can walk down the street naked everyone can, but I don’t buy that. Mini skirts are not for all women, and some men just look better in pants. Being naked is no different. When you look like a God, people would do themselves well to embrace, accept, and enjoy.

If Chris Christie were to ask, “why can’t I walk down the street naked too then?”
I would reply, “look in the mirror to find your answer.”

I checked with the city jail to see if I might locate my naked imaginary friend. I am captivated by what it was that prompted him to walk directly toward city jail, three blocks away, directly into an arrest, followed by what can be some very heavy needless senseless legal expenses. I want to know what made him take such a risk. The woman at the desk in the city jail instructed me arrests are not listed by crime, but rather by the name of the victim, as she called her clients.

She and I played a game of Catch 22, after which I thanked her, and hung up. Were I to have walked in and inconspicuously laid a one hundred dollar bill on the counter, the police, of all people, would have managed to find my guy. I’m sure it’s not every day a man dressed like God walks into their holding tank wearing nothing. That is what money can buy — desire, results, power, a dream fulfilled. I might have been able to convince the guard to allow me to visit every captive in the jail, but unless my guy iwas still naked, I might not even recognize him.

My prayers go with him. Thank you for reading. If you find value in any post on this blog, please, click “like”, and share. Thank you.

There is one life.
This life is God.
This life is perfect.
This life is my life now.
This life flows through every one of us, leading us all to the same destination. I breath deeply and align myself with this life force, knowing that as it pulls me forward it does so with every thought I think. What I think today becomes my future tomorrow. I think thoughts that support my spirit. I think thoughts that move me forward in love and joy, harmony and understanding. I know that as I understand my fellow human being more, I understand myself more and when I understand myself more, I understand my fellow human begin more.
I give thanks for this knowledge.
I accept all life offers me without having to label or judge it.
I release my thoughts and await them to return to me multiplied in good.
And so it is.



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