Pope Benedict XVI to Resign

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WRITER’S CAVEAT: This post has not been edited since it was written. I offer no apologies for missing or misplaced commas, excessive use of the words have, had, that, and excessive exclamation marks.

It is not the intention of this post to offend anyone. I simply think the world would be a better place if we had more spiritual leaders, rather than religious leaders. Religion is what gets us into trouble. Religion has been the single biggest instigator of wars and killing in the name of God than any other institution on the planet, and they’ve been perfecting it for centuries.

Pope Benedict XVI has decided to resign by the end of March, being the first pope to step down in nearly 600 years. When I see representatives of the Catholic Church, dressed in their red silk brocade robes embroidered in gold, wearing golden hats, carrying a golden sceptor, I can’t help but think of RuPaul, God in Drag. These men live in ornate palaces with their impressive marble façades, owners of the most valuable art collection in the world. I can’t help but ask myself,

“Is this what Christ had in mind when he began his ministry?” It is well known that Christ’s intention was not to leave behind a religion. I believe Christ was a spiritual being and teacher, not a religious being or teacher. Jesus, save me from your followers, and especially from their leaders.

What might Jesus say about those who have amassed this massive wealth in His name, owners of the most extensive art collection in the world, people who tell other people what they can and cannot do with their lives, determining for millions, indeed billions of people, whom they may or may not sleep with, whether they may have children or not, whether they shall live in poverty or wealth, and judging them for what they choose to do with their bodies in the privacy of their own room? Who is anyone to tell me I should or should not masturbate? Isn’t it the Catholic church who was responsible for imprisoning some of the world’s most enlightened thinkers — simply for daring to tell the truth, which just happened to contradict what the Catholic church was teaching? Let’s just being with Galileo who brought it to the church’s attention that the Universe does not revolve around the earth, but rather that the earth revolves around the sun and the universe. I could list dozens here, Barabus Spinoza, whom the Catholic church excommunicated, imprisoned and killed for saying that God exists in everything, the rock, the tree, the dog and the cat.

This judgment from men who have overseen the biggest child sexual abuse scandal in the history of the planet. Maybe Benedict’s resignation is the instigator of the reform the Catholic church so badly needs. Maybe this time the black chimney smoke will find an educated spiritual person to take over the position, maybe someone who will wear jeans and a sweat shirt, someone who doesn’t need to wear a red brocade gold embossed robe, wear a golden crown and carry a golden jewel encrusted stick to demand respect and feel important. Years ago Benedict outraged Muslims when he made a controversial statement about Islam. Then he revoked the excommunication of arch conservative Richard Williamson, (the church official who denies the Holocaust ever happened) — duh. For years, Benedict oversaw and tolerated the sexual abuse and rape allegations of Catholic church officials.

Some people are expressing admiration for Benedict’s decision to resign. Maybe it’s the best thing he’s done. I say good riddance to any person who tells others how they should live their lives. Sell the multi-million dollar art collection, sell the Vatican palaces, turn the whole city into a museum (not a center of judgment for the world) and distribute the proceeds equally among the poor people who have tithed the money that has allowed these men to live such pompous lives in judgement of others.

Pope Benedict has said that many people have lost respect for religion. Gee, I wonder if it might have anything to do with information being more available to people who actually are beginning to think for themselves and make their own decisions rather than looking up to some old man in Rome who is out of touch with the every day lives of working (and often starving) people. Distribute the wealth of the Catholic church, which represents a major portion of the world’s most poor, indeed keeping many of them in poverty by telling women they cannot have the final say over their own bodies, forcing life by his judgement. Whatever one thinks about birth control, is it any of my business what my neighbor does with her body? Only if I am a nosy body.

Germany’s Chancellor Maerkel praised Benedict, calling him, “one of the most significant religious thinkers of our time.” I wish she had said she thought he was “one of the most significant spiritual thinkers of our time,” but I’ve never known Angie to lie. I might have respected her lie but then again, what else would she say? The man is after all, of German birth. “Boo Angie!” You missed the mark.

The Pope will fill in the prayer here.


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