In response to his act of protecting pedophile priests, Cardinal Mahoney said, “I was naiive and did not realize the effects of sex abuse and the long term effects it has on children.” This man intentionally moved priests over state lines, as well as internationally, to and from, back and forth to protect himself, his priests, and the Catholic Church. Apparently, he did realize the effects of sex abuse and the long term effects is has on pedophile priests or he would not have protected the guilty. Hmmm…

Please correct me here if I am wrong or out of line, I expect a Cardinal to be more educated, more dedicated to the word of God he stands behind and teaches. This looks and sounds much like the Cardinal’s only intent has been to protect himself, his priests and the church. How caught up in denial can a man (of God?) be to think that truth will not eventually surface? Perhaps he thought he could delay the truth until after his death.

Nothing was said about protecting the children who were abused while under Cardinal Mahoney’s watch. Not only were these children sexually abused, (the effects of which last a lifetime), the allegations were denied, then the Cardinal protected his pedophile priests from police, while making absolutely no move to protect the children — or for that matter, the truth. The crime of abusing children sexually is unthinkable. Denying the truth, then protecting known pedophile priests is another crime in itself. These men need to be prosecuted, and NOT by a group of their peers.

There is an entire parlay of guilty church officials who have escaped justice, an act that convinces me there is no justice in this world. Perhaps life in the next world will be more just. These men need to be prosecuted. When Cardinal Mahoney was asked if these priests would be making it past the Pearly Gates to Heaven, he had no reply. Maybe I am wrong. Is there hope? Apparently, only in prayer.

There is one life.
This life is God.
This life is perfect.
This life is my life now.
I realize, sanity lies in my acceptance of what is, not is what my mind tells me is right. I must accept that which is is far greater than I can understand.
I release my thought, knowing it will take hold in the mind of God. I give thanks for the knowledge that my word is divine cause.
And so it is.



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