LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL — if you can see past the SUVs on the road

It’s the huge, blacked out SUVs that make life on the road dangerous and ugly. Caveat: This article does not apply to taxi, rescue, hotel, and airport staff who provide a valuable service driving SUV’s. For you, I give thanks. This post may offend my SUV driver-texter readers. If you have an SUV, trade it in for a car, so our government doesn’t convince its citizens again we have to go to war again to feed the monster. Allow me to expalin why SUVs are such an eyesore to everyone who does not own one.

SUV drivers’ addiction to driving around their family room is a major cause of the United States going to war for gas.
SUV drivers driving their family room around has substantially lowered MPG, which Detroit worked decades to raise, all for nothing.
The blacked out windows are not only illegal for a reason (though not enforced because officers of the law themselves drive blacked out cars) —


Their six foot blacked out monsters prevent anyone from seeing through to the cars ahead, around, or above, causing a danger to OTHER drivers, but why should an SUV driver care? If in an accident, it is the drivers in cars who are killed. The SUV surfs above drivers of other vehicles as if they were toys.

Very likely, the SUV driver has his/her cell phone in lap, hands free and Bluetooth are as dangerous as hand held. It is not just the hands that need to be free. IT IS THE MIND. Texting and talking on the phone distracts the driver’s mind, takes it off the road — if it ever was on the road.
The most inconsiderate drivers on the road hide behind the wheel of SUVs. Lincoln Navigators and Cadillac Escalante are the most dangerous of all, next to Hummers.

THAT is the subject for another post. The bigger the vehicle, the smaller the brain.

Many a driver’s mind is likely on a Double Cheeseburger and Diet Coke, rather than safety on the road.
I have heard SUV drivers say “it’s okay if I get hit or hit someone, I won’t get hurt.”
Their mind is, more than likely, trying to discipline brats, rather than keeping their eyes on the road.
The SUV driver blocks traffic, turns sloppily and illegally into the wrong lanes, usually without any turn signals because their hands are on the phone rather than the wheel. Pedestrians and other vehicle drivers (should not) have to read their undisciplined minds to avoid getting killed.

And if you talk on your cell while you are riding your bicycle, let me tell you, you are the biggest idiot of all.
The SUV driver either does not know the right of way laws, or just doesn’t give a fu*c, since he is above the line of injury. I cannot count how many times I have been flipped off by SUV drivers when I have tapped my horn to let them know, MOVE! —


The Number 1 reason SUV drivers makes life so ugly; I’ve had two of my vehicles totaled (with me in them) by SUV drivers on cell phones. One sent me into Cedar Sinai hospital for a day. In spite of having been insured, both SUV drivers cost me an exorberant amount of money, and did not accept responsibility for their actions. What’s worse, the law does not protect innocent drivers and pedestrians.

Except for the warmonging Hummer drivers who actually don’t feel responsible at all for getting 8 miles to the gallon, SUV drivers (at 10 MPG) are the most obnoxious, big, fat cats, and next to the trash in the gutters, the ugliest, most agressive, imposing eyesores on the road. In a perfect world these vehicles would be melted down to manufacture plowshares. When will Americans come to their senses?

When it is too late and no longer matters.

Let us pray for the SUV and Hummer drivers.

There is one life.
This life is God.
This life is perfect.
This life is my life now.
I see beyond the small minds inside the huge blacked out vehicles, through all that keeps me from experiencing beauty on the road.
I accept all the vehicles, knowing there is nothing I can do to stop people from having bad taste and no sense of responsibility to others, or even the planet. I know I can not manage other people, their vehicles, or their small minds. I can only accept, and pray one day, they will all go away and die,
and leave their SUVs to the Museum of Travel —
I release my thoughts, knowing it is as it is.
And so it is.



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