So, if Lance Armstrong didn’t win the Tour de France, (which of course everybody except Lance Armstrong has known all along), who does deserves all the attention bestowed upon this liar all these years? Who does deserve all the endorsement deals he has been capitalizing on? Whose fame and bank account has been cast aside by a fraud? How embarrassing to work for the charity of a liar.

Now, an Australian firm is suing Mr. Armstrong to return millions of endorsement dollars. I feel for Lance. He is human, and he sinned, his biggest sin perhaps being the long, drawn out continuance of his lies. He let his ego get in the way of truth. I include him in my prayers. I also include in my prayers the countless other people who remain nameless to me, whose esteem, bank accounts, families and lives were affected in a negative way by Lance’s denial of truth.

I want to hear from the winners.
Will the REAL WINNER please step forward.
And Oprah, why aren’t you spending three hours interviewing THE REAL WINNER, the admirable truth seeker? How about his feelings, his emotions? Who cares about the mind of a cheat. Sadly, it seems most of the world loves gossip, separation.
Let me hear from you, Oprah! Let’s give credit to The Winner — and I don’t mean the guy who was partying with Los Angeles Mayor Villagairosa in Mexico City.

Now to prayer.

There is one life.
This life is God.
This life is perfect.
This life is my life now.
I take a moment to focus on my breath. As I do, I visualize someone on the phone talking with Oprah, calling her attention to how important it is that she answer my question. As oxygen enters my lungs, my entire body, mind, and spirit is filled with more now, more truth, more love. Breath draws me away from my fears, into myself, to the truth within, separate yet one, divided into billions, displayed right here within me,

as One.

I know when I am true to my own self, I cannot be false to anyone. To be true, I must leave my ego at the door, retire the old cromudgen. I must leave separation, and attachment behind. It is in truth I spare myself from creating embarrassment, for truth always surfaces. I retire my ego. This opens a door for truth to enter, embrace, and permeate me. It is in truth all good awaits.
I give thanks.
My word is divine cause.
I know when I give up my ego, I can give up duality. When I give up my duality, I win, you win, everybody wins.
I release my thought, freeing me to serve as an instrument of truth, love, peace and happiness. I especially remember this when I am behind the wheel. God bless everyone in all the cars on the road.
And so it is.



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