caveat: my caps key is still on strike, works only to acknowledge GOD. No desire to edit (relive) this experience.

damn! i knew those mayans were just joking with our insecurities! they didn’t mean it. i awoke in the middle of the night to realize i was still here, my room was still surrounding me in my bed. then i went back to sleep. this morning i awoke, again with the realization, ‘i’m still here — and so are the neighbors.’ my alternative concept proved to be right. the mayans had predicted the end of a cycle, rather than the end of the earth itself. i was kinda hoping, for the benefit of the planet and the wildlife on it, they were predicting the end of mankind We-self.

i believe, the earth has entered a cycle in which our consciousness as a human race has finally turned to feed the hungry, house the homeless, and put shoes on every human being on the planet. i believe that this ‘fiscal cliff’ which we approach is nothing more than the unwillingness of the ego to let go and allow God. i believe, after president obama’s speach yesterday, the day the world was to end, will have an effect on those ‘public servants’ in washington d.c. who will now be forced to remember who they are paid to serve.

i believe that as they sit around their three meter trees in their palaces, drinking their favorite spirit and smoking their favorite cigars, that they will be reminded of the many who have no tree, no cigar to smoke, no roof over their head in which to house a tree had they one. most likely the only thing these people may have is the spirit.

as the product of a bi-cultural, bi-religious (Dad lived by the course of miracles before it had even been written, and to this day, mother dearest is still a fascist, for lack of a more accurate terms, the product on nazi germany. i believe the 21st of december, 2012 may go down in history as the date in which alan faced his biggest fears and took matters into his own hands. i believe we, you, me, us, can pray to God rather than to the ego.

i want to believe i am right about feeding the hungry and putting shoes on the feet of the poor and books in their hands. it has long been my vision to make a difference on the planet but unfortunately, all too often, i have not even been able to tend to my own needs. anyone who has ever flown in an airplane knows you must first put the oxygen mask on yourself before you put it on infants and toddlers. and now, to my point, and yes, there was one, now to my spiritual mind treatment.

There is one life.
this life is God.
this life is perfect.
this life is my life now.
i know the universe stands behind me in any vision i carry in my mind and heart. i know the universe responds to my every word, not as i hope or wish for it to be, but as i speak it. my word is divine cause. the universe is always listening. though i may not get an answer when i want it, it will come when i am ready to hear.
i open my eyes and my heart. i know that wherever i go, God sent me. wherever i go, love awaits me. i need only act from God consciousness and seek out the love.
i accept. i accept everything — as it is.

i give thanks for the many blessings in my life; my refrigerator that preserves food for me; my faucet, which at the swish of the wrist, brings running hot and cold water to my fingertips; my microwave, which at the push of a button heats my food without me having to go to the effort of turning knobs on the stove, my bathtub which provides me not only a space in which to clean my body, but also a place in which i can relax and gather my thoughts. last, and perhaps second most important of all after this habit i have called eating, my royal throne, which flushes away the waste of my two kitties, and me and my guests.

i give thanks for all of these blessings. i give thanks for the people who bring love and understanding to my life. i give thanks for the roof over my head that protects me from the elements.
i release my word into the universe, spoken and silent, knowing that my word is divine cause. i let it go.
and so it is.



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