On The Write, Two Bare Arms

Is it not time we take into context the Second Ammendment to the U.S. Bill of Rifhra, the right to bear arms? At the time, American (colonists) were threatened by bears and wolves outside their doors, as they settled on the edge of what was then the known world. They were afraid of attack by the British, and let us take into account, these colonists who were calling themselves Americans, when speaking of arms, they were carrying five foot long muskets which took two men a minute and a half to reload.

Is there any co-relation to our situation today? Is it not possible we cannot take steps to keep weapons out of the hands of incompetent people? For what purpose does any person need a semi-automatic weapon unless they are going to go on the offensive? Can we not be responsible enough to keep these weapons where they belong, on the battlefield (or on the dump of civilizations mistakes. Are we, as Americans, not strong enough to take the power and control out of the hands of the NRA (National Rifle Association) lobbyists in Washington D.C. and put it back into the hands of the American people? It’s not even safe to go to the theater, the hospital or school any more. Have we gone mad?

there is one life.
this life is God.
this life is perfect.
this life is my life now.
i align myself with the truth; love, joy, peace, beauty, harmony, strength, and wisdom.
i accept this is the truth because i know my word is divine cause.
i let it go, as i visualize my caps key being whole, complete, and perfect, it will happen.
i release and say, and so it is.



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