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AUTHOR’S CAVEAT: This post has not been edited since 2012. I make no apologies for excessive use of the words have, had, that, missing or misplaced commas, or excessive use of exclamation points!

OMG! A couple of days ago I placed a post on Craigslist in search of an Editior/Publicist for my pets’ YouTube channel: “Meck & Miao and Pokey”. They put me up to this.

My education has just grown exponentially. Not only did I get many answers. I got so many more questions. The response to my post was overwhelming. Each of the many responses came with links to their blogs, which led to seven more links, which then led to seven more, you get the picture. Those who took the time to show an interest in my blog, I took the time to look at your blog. Then I took the time to actually read, and I was delighted. Since 8 a.m. this morning, I have been doing nothing but watching videos. I just finished watching Chris Anderson’s video “How YouTube is Driving Innovation.” If you have not watched it, watch it! I have little to add to what Chris says. His message is phenomenal. I can only sum up and rephrase in my own words, what I heard him say.

We stand at the heart of a new renaissance. The WorldWideWeb is closing in on us like the spider zones in on the captured fly. We have a choice to use this information for the better or the worse. I choose to apply the information that I learn online for good. This good goes out from me. Because only good goes out from me, only good comes back to me. To see it, I must first believe it.

Just the other day I saw this demonstrated, when I found such overwhelming response in my mailbox. Just this morning I saw this demonstrated, while reading your many blogs. Of course, I had to click, like, share, laugh, and enjoy. I can see, and I understand how connecting with other like-minded people whom I do not even know, can lead me to a new family of friends – and I get to pick this time!

It pleased me that my most read bog is “Ten Steps To Turning Our Faltering Schools and Babysitting Centers into Centers of Learning.” Was that 10 or 11 hits now? Oh, it’s three thousand seven hundred and sixty-two. Humor aside… ☞ humor)

It’s been a long time since I posted that blog; even longer since I wrote it, and longer still since I lived it. It, like my mind, body, spirit, and character, needs daily revision, under the loving (okay strict to my own point) guidance of my Father. He is in Heaven. His (or Her) first name escapes me but like Cher, when you come up with the cockroaches, you don’t need one. I just call him “George”, after my later father who was called to join The Heavenly Choir at 103. Until I learned about my Father, he was the only father I knew.

I call upon myself. I call upon you. I call upon all teachers. I call upon all children who feel that they are not allowed a voice. I am calling on all tweens, and teens, and all young people who know that they control their destiny and in this knowledge, you know that you have within you the power to make this a better world. In particular, I am calling upon all those teachers who are teacher’s assistants, office personnel, staff, administration, custodians of our classrooms, and custodians of our childrens’ lives.

I speak to all the professionally dedicated teachers: credentialed; whether it be emergency, provisionary, professional, professional clear, or Life to Death. I call upon all the teachers in all schools, whether public, private, Christian, Catholic, Jewish, White, Black, American Indian and every color in between; I call upon you to take the world wide web into your own hands.

If Heaven is within, then I must discipline myself to stand guard at the gates of Heaven. Heaven is in my mind. I note what information; whether television, film, stage, soundstage, off the Internet, off my phone, off my i-pad, or my i-phone, is allowed to enter that hallowed space of my mind where my spirit resides.

This is Heaven and I must guard it well.

I call upon all educators of all languages, of all ages and creeds, to come together in making a statement online, using the WorldWideWeb to influence for good in the world. Discipline yourself. Monitor your intake. Then discipline your students. Make it a game, make it a discussion. Challenge each student to be his or her best. Then, teach them to discipline their parents. We, the teachers, must take control of the Internet by contributing — rather than just taking. It is a well known fact that it is better to give than to take. Write comments, post, blog, like, dislike, forward, delete…stand guard at the gates to your temple and always forward good. Monitor and control what you allow to enter and leave your private reserve.

For six years I wanted to write a blog. Then one day, everything converged harmoniously together, I took a class, and now I have posted over one hundred ideas. Okay, maybe ninety-two. But I have read thousands.

I believe it was Aretha herself who said, “You’ve Got To “Ac-cen-tu-ate the Po-si-tive and E-lim-i-nate The Neg-a-tive”. Feel free to correct me here if I am wrong or out of line. Listen to it. Sing it! Suck it in! Then blow it out in whatever form it takes for good. If no good comes out, keep sucking it in and blowing it out until something good does come out. Then,

contribute the good stuff.

Teachers, professional teachers who give their hearts and souls to the profession, I have a message for you: YOU Need To Stand For Something Or You Are Liable to Fall For Anything! Take control of your profession. Take control of your career. Take control of your union membership. Take control of your life, your classroom. And yes, in a good way, take control of your students’ minds and lives and even more important – take control of their parents and therefore you will take control of the world! Stand up for something or you are libel to fall for anything. It’s been many years since I first heard from Fritz Perls, “lose your mind and come to your senses.” After thinking of Fritz all these years, I have this to say to him, “No, Fritz. You’ve got it wrong.

Lose your senses and come to you mind.”

I call to all to take an active participation in the education of the world. I thank you all for your response, your interest, your input, and your dedication toward making this world a better place in which to live for all plants and animal species. Did I forget humans? No, they fit in under the umbrella of lower animal species.

Suddenly, I pushed the wrong button on my keyboard and this whole screen went black –POOF! ∅ (ΠΠΦ!) ∅ disappeared! Now I find myself stuck typing Cyrillian! My first words were all three the same expetive. This would not have been the first time my good thoughts that been swallowed up the Ether. I took a deep breath, and after several unsuccessful attempts to retrieve my page, I shut the computer off, and left the room. Since retuning, I turned my computer back on and

voilá — look there!

Today, for the first time in my life, I am more concerned with content than editing, so look there! Old dogs do learn new tricks. They just don’t always feel like performing.

And now, my closing thought:

There is one life.
This life is God. I know this life is God because whatever religion or non-religion I wish to cling to, for all of us, speaking as a human becoming, there is only One Big Unknown. This Unknown is God.
This life is perfect as it is, becoming that which it will be.
This life is my life now. I am in it, and it is in me.
I accept this knowledge, knowing I know this part of me is One with The Father, for The Father and I are One. He is with me at all times, standing at my side, guiding me thoughts, words, and actions.
I accept only good coming to me, because I say it is so. I see this in every interaction with myself and with others.
My thoughts, words, actions are divine cause. That which I say, I am, I become — because I said so.
With love and acceptance, I monitor the gates to Heaven. I accept all as it is, all that it will be, for I know the way is made clear before me and it is filled with love and joy.
I send love ahead.
Wherever I show up, love awaits me.

And so it is.



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