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This just in from ABC’s 20/20. Did you know that Jennifer Lopez has more than one thousand two hundred (that’s 1,200) pairs of shoes? As one who loves shoes myself, I can understand having twenty, thirty, maybe even forty pairs of shoes, but one thousand two hundred pair??? That’s 2,400 shoes! In a world where much of the population has no choice but to walk barefoot, that’s obscene. As my Dad used to say, you only have one pair of feet.

Did you know that Paris Hilton’s bitch, I mean mutt, has a $325,000.00 dog house, an exact replica of the mansion Paris lives in? It has original paintings on the wall, a chandelier, and even air conditioning. I can understand the doghouse thing too, if Paris herself had built it, but I can’t imagine she even knows how to hammer a nail into a wall. To spend $325,000 on a dog house when there are people in the world who don’t have food to eat is a vulgar obscenity. And what about her million dollar dog collar made up of real diamonds??? I don’t need to mention what I think about that other than to state that the bitch never worked for it (not the dog). Maybe I’m just jealous. I’d like to wear a million dollar choker. When I buy my dog a sausage for $7.99 I feel like I’m spoiling him when I don’t even buy sausage for myself. Never mind that I don’t eat meat.

Last year Americans spent a billion dollars (that’s with a B and I don’t even know how many zeros – 9?) on their pets.

I was so disgusted with the reality TV housewife of Beverly Hills “star”, Lisa Whateverhernameis, who never lets her six pound Pomeranian dog’s feet touch the ground. She has a wardrobe of many couturier outfits (the bitch that is) As she puts it; she needs special outfits for special occasions. I won’t say what I think about putting clothes on animals, unless it’s Halloween, very wet, or very cold outside. She, Lisa (not the bitch) insists that it is out of necessity that she needs to clothe her pooch in couturier clothes.

I can understand not letting your dog’s feet touch the ground if your mutt is so small you can carry him. Every time my pooch Pokey (see YouTube Meck & Miao and Pokey) comes in from outside, I wash his feet and rub him over with a washcloth because he gets up on my sofa and bed and I’m not going to forbid him that but I see the dirt that washes off of him every time i bathe him (like twice a week). I pay special attention to his nose because I see where he sticks it at the dog park before I take him into a store and a stranger says, “Oh, he’s so cute,” and then bends down to let him lick their mouth — yuck! Let’s be real – a dog’s a dog but he doesn’t need a dog house that costs more than the average house built to house a family of humans.

In which sick world do these people live???

I can only say this:

There is one life.

This life is God.

This life is perfect.

This life is my dog’s life now.

In spite of circumstances, I know that God wants my pooch also to have a private mansion, but I know he’d be just as happy with a one room townhouse. I accept this, and if necessary a cubic zirconium collar for my pooch and my own self.
I give thanks that I am not that vulgar or insane.
I let my disgust with these people go knowing that they are wonderful human beings.

And so it is.



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