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This just in from ABC’s 20/20. Did you know Jennifer Lopez has more than one thousand two hundred (that’s 1,200) pairs of shoes!?

And then there is Beth Shack, who has four walk in closets just for her shoes. She spends an average of $800 on each pair. Her most expensive pair cost her $6,500. Beth says she only wears a pair of shoes three times maximum before giving them to charity. She obviously doens’t need the money to sell them on consignment.

As one who loves shoes myself, I can understand having twenty, thirty, maybe even fifty pair, but one thousand plus??? In a world where much of the population walks barefoot, that is a sickness. As my Dad used to say, you only have one pair of feet. But I’m judging here. Why not?

Did you know Paris Hilton’s mutt – I mean bitch, has a $325,000.00 dog house, an exact replica of the mansion Paris lives in? It has paintings on the wall, a chandelier, and even air conditioning. I can understand the doghouse thing too, if Paris herself had built it, but to spend $325,000 on a dog house when there are homeless people everywhere who don’t have food to eat is obscenity. And a million dollar dog collar made of diamonds?

I was so disgusted with the reality TV housewife of Beverly Hills “star” who never lets her six pound Pomeranian dog’s feet touch the ground. Her dog has a wardrobe of couturier outfits; special outfits for special occasions. I won’t say what I think about putting clothes on animals, unless it’s Halloween, very wet, or very cold outside. She, Lisa, insists it is out of necessity she needs to clothe her pooch in couturier clothes. I understand the massage thing. I even understand the house thing; but there is a limit — like maybe I understand the foot washing thing. I wash Pokey’s feet every time he comes in from outside but let’s be real – a dog is a dog!

Last year Americans spent a billion dollars (that’s with a B and I don’t even know how many zeros – 9?) on their pets.

On which planet do these people live???

There is one life.
This life is God.
This life is perfect.
This life is my dog’s life now.
I know God wants my pooch also to have a private house, but I know he can do with a down scaled model.
I accept this for my pooch and my own self.
I let it go.
And so it is.



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