Give up sugar? NEVER!

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I’m tired of having to struggle my way through all the Weight Watchers and Skinny Cow ice cream bars in my grocer’s freezer. Ice cream is supposed to taste like ice


Sugar free = Taste free.

Did anyone else catch the sourly looking doctor on ’60 Minutes’ who wants all Americans to put sugar in the trash bin? If he’s speaking to the one third of our population who is obese, then okay, but give up sugar completely? Who is foolish enough to do that? Maybe he, and he looks pretty crotchety. When asked, he said, he’d sooner put the soda down and drink a glass of water. I’m sure he’s going to tell me, not only should I not put sugar in my coffee, I shouldn’t put coffee in my mug.

And he is right. But I want to live and my father enjoyed sugar for 103 years, and lots of it, until he was poisoned at 103.

If the good doctor is speaking to me though, I have this to say: People used to live until the ripe old age of 42, when we died toothless and worn out, happy if we ever tasted sugar during our lifetime. Today we live to be 78 (or in my parents case, past 100) and both of my parents consumed twice the intake of sugar as the average American, neither ever suffered disease.

I want to enjoy life.

If I had been born three centuries earlier, I’d have been dead a long time ago already. A century and a half ago I would already have been a dead man (or as I was called in the Comedy Club last week, “an old heckler!”) Let me enjoy all those years, old as I am, the years delegated me. And remember this: it is the lucky ones who get to be “old hecklers.” I didn’t have the heart to tell the lousy comedian who put down Helen Keller,

in the end experience triumphs over youthful enthusiasm.

there is one life.
this life is God.
This life is perfect.
This life is my life now.
I claim this and harness my thoughts to move me forward into the vision I see for myself,
Alan, with his wits about him.
I accept.
I let go.
And so it is.



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