Is it ME? Or is it I?

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AUTHOR’S CAVEAT: This post has not been edited since 2012. No apologies for missing or misplaced commas, excessive thats or hads, and exclamation points!

I gotta compl-share here: as soon as I figure out how to use Facebook or any other site I’ve purposely avoided, they “improve” it. I like to be consulted first, or even being given the the option of not having bigger, better and different imposed upon me without my even having a say in it. Maybe I’m happy without needing bigger, better and different. When I was a teenager I had a home stereo, a car 8 track player, a home phone and a home TV — and they all worked — perfectly even without cable or satellite. Today I need all four appendages to count the many electronic devices I have — and most of them don’t work when I need or want them. Often, the annoyance I experience trying to keep everything functioning far outweighs the value I get out of the instrument. I think I’m ready for smaller, worse and reliably the same.

Once the “improvement” has taken hold, it takes me another year or two to figure out how the “improvement” was supposed to benefit my life. Maybe that’s because (even I) have better things to do than sit on Facebook or become a twit on Twitter. Safari, Firefox, Googlemail, AT&T, Apple and everyone else has done the same. Then, try to get a “service” representative to speak with you. With TWC (and others I’m sure) YOU CAN’T! They don’t want to talk to you. You, the customer, are a bother to them; an interruption to their texting.

Now, many companies are CHARGING YOU to make a payment any way other than the Internet (as with AT&T yesterday). I explained that I am a ludite and incapable of comprehending their intelligent technology, and need them to guide me through the payment process. That way they waste twice as much time as they thought they were saving. Imagine if everyone refused to pay — to pay. Try it! Maybe expecting everyone to do that would be expecting too much intelligence at once. After all, customer service is something that went out with the 60’s. I know, because I still remember it as a little boy.

* UPDATE 2015, suit against AT$T for charging customers for sending them text advertising.


There is one life. This life is God. This life is perfect. This life embraces me now with love, joy, harmony, peace, beauty, wisdom and understanding. I know this because I say so and my word is divine cause. Everything anyone needs to reach the success we dream for exists already in the mind of God. It is my job to make the dream a reality. I accept. I release my word out into the universe knowing that my thoughts come back to me multiplied.

And so it is.



I know that there is One live. This life is God. This God is the power of good in the Universe greater than my thoughts. Everything that appears in my life is a result of my thinking.
I give thanks for life’s many blessings; food in abundance, my physical, spiritual and mental health and otherwise, my home, my bed, the geese who gave their feathers that I may stay warm, my stove, my refrigerator, and the people who take care of my internal and external plumbing.
I give thanks to the Lord of my being for the love of my pets, children, friends; new, old and potential.
I accept this and all greater experiences for myself and those who have ears to hear and the heart to life.
I release my thoughts knowing that my thoughts are Divine Cause.
And so it is.



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