Miao Returns Dehydrated and Emaciated, but ALIVE

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AUTHOR’S CAVEAT: This post has not been edited since 2012. I do not apologize for missing or misplaced commas, thats, hads, or exclamation points!

My dear cat Miao has been missing for two months. I had allowed my cats to exit my living room window and go onto the roof. It seemed safe. Evidently, she had fallen or jumped down — naked — and could not get back up. After going up and down the block, speaking with as many neighbors as I could, leaving notes with her picture on them in mailboxes and under wind-shield wipers, I finally released her and let her go. Suddenly I could understand parents whose children have disappeared.

Just recently, my orange Tabby named Lucky re-appeared after being lost for two years.

He had enamored himself to the woman who found him and now has a home where he can play all day with another kitty. Lucky and I had issues regarding the use of the toilet and I’m glad that he can now enjoy a litter box. God only knows where he had been the year before I took him into my home but for the two years that he was missing, he had clearly been living in the streets. Though I make it perfectly clear to any cat that I will take care of them for twenty years but I won’t take care of a litter box for a week, Lucky deserves a box. I’m not about to step on shards for the next twenty years. Meck and Miao have cooperated.

I had thought that like Lucky, Miao might reappear in a year or even two, but I knew that she would probably be reading below grade level. The other day, Pokey the puppy was terribly upset by something under my car. I bent down and it seemed to me that I was looking at a black cat. There are many strays in the alleys so I told Pokey to get into the car and we drove off. This morning when I took Pokey out for his constitutional, he went crazy, barking under my car incessantly. I heard a very faint “meow” and went in for closer examination.

There, under my car, was my kitty Miao, barely able to speak. She knew that this was my car and if she waited there long enough, I would find her. I coaxed her out, picked her up, took her upstairs and offered her Catsip and tuna but she wouldn’t eat. So I fed her with a syringe. She is emaciated, cannot weigh more than 3 pounds. It’s obvious she hasn’t eaten in weeks. Every bone sticks out. Then I brushed her off with a wet cloth and put her in my bed, where she stayed for a few minutes before jumping to the floor, falling in the process. Then she sat in front of the water dish, drinking endlessly. She apparently has not had food or water in days. No one caught her. No one looked at her and thought she might be hungry or she might have a home. Why would people care? Most don’t even care about their children.

Pokey could not contain himself, he was so excited that he would not stop barking. It seemed like he remembered Miao and was celebrating her return home. He has been behaving like a concerned big brother, checking her out every few minutes, licking her ears and feet as if to say, “it’s going to be okay.” She just sits there; totally unafraid, looking up at me as if she’s trying to remember how far she goes back with this huge face that keeps talking goo-goo to her. Since Pokey is so often unaware of his strength, I’ve been concerned that he might hurt her but he approaches her very gently.

When Miao disappeared two months ago, my male cat Meck, came out of the closet. He became a completely different, more loveable cat. Now that Miao has returned, he’s retreated back into the closet and has nothing to say to me but, “Hissss!” I imagine it is only a matter of weeks before I’m complaining again that the cats are flying through the air over the sofa in front of my face, disrupting my work in their play. But for today, I cried tears of joy as I asked Miao, “where have you been these two months???” I imagine, once she’s regained her strength, she will answer. Right now, she just sits on her bed and looks up at me as if trying to remember who we are. My female energy has returned home!

And so it is.



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