A Salute to Sir John Harrington, and Mr. Thomas Crapper

©2012, Mirror Image Presentations

A comment I heard about the throne sent me on a Google search for more information. Here is what I learned:

This late 16th Century invention, created by Queen Elizabeth I’s nephew, Sir John Harrington, could be called the Seat of Civilization. Unfortunately, Sir John did not invest enough thought into removal of the waste, which meant a servant was still needed to empty it. His design had several flaws, which rendered it impractical. But when someone says to you, “I need to go to the John”, you know where they are headed, and for what purpose.

Some 280 (!!!) years later (like the can opener that was invented one hundred years after the can), in stepped Mr. Thomas Crapper, with the world’s first plumbing showroom, on King’s Road in London. It featured the world’s first functioning sink, tub, and water closet (W.C.). Mr. Crapper held nine plumbing patents; most popular was the ballcock, which did much to increase the reliability of the toilet’s function.

How long would it have taken? Who would we name our throne after had it not been for Sir John Harrington, and Mr. Thomas Crapper, who pursued their God given talent for flushing Crap away, down the John. These men left us with not only a noun, a verb, and an adjective; they left us with The Seat of Foundation. Not a flush goes by, I do not thank God for having sent these men to us. Keep flushed, drink plenty of water, and visit the John regularly.

There is one Seat.
This seat is perfect.
This seat is my seat now.
I accept this seat.
I give thanks for it.
I release it.
And so it is.


And so it is.


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