Among a few of the books I have read are Robert Y. Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” “Rich Kid, Smart Kid,” and “How Come That Idiot’s Rich And I’m Not?,” Here’s what I learned from these books:

Rich people don’t get rich in school. They get rich at home.
Poor people don’t get rich at home, at school or at work.
Rich people don’t allow their emotions to enter their decisions in making purchases.
Poor people do.
Rich people don’t invest out of fear or greed.
Poor people do.
Rich people teach their children how money works.
Poor people don’t.
Rich people don’t ever say, “I can’t afford it” but rather,
“How can I afford it?”
Poor people say, “I can’t afford it,”

Rich people don’t work for money. They make money work for them.
Poor people work for money. They don’t have money to work for them.
Rich people are open about money and investments with their children.
Poor people are not.
Rich people are continually open to reading about money.
Poor people aren’t.
Rich people pay themselves first, then they pay bills.
Poor people pay bills first, then have nothing left over to pay themselves.

Rich people buy luxuries last and when they do, they buy them out of their assets.
Poor people buy luxuries first out of earned income, then don’t have money left for
Rich people realize that in order to make money come in they must first send it out.
Poor people seek to earn a wage.
Rich people see investing as a game.
Poor people don’t.
Rich people are not afraid of losing. They know that in order to win one must first have
learned how to lose.
Poor people don’t want to lose their money so they hold onto it.
Rich people put their money into corporations, earn, spend then pay taxes.
Poor people earn, pay taxes, then spend what is left over.
Rich people’s kids graduate and go out looking for business and investment opportunities.
Poor people’s kids graduate and go out looking for a “secure” job.

Rich people’s kids don’t learn how to sit at the table. They learn how to own the table.
Poor people just sit at the table.
Rich people find security on the inside, not on the outside.
Poor people seek security on the outside.
Rich people’s financial education is handed down from parent to child.
Poor people don’t educate their kids about money and investment.

Rich people don’t save. They invest.
Poor people don’t invest. They save.
Rich people leave their wealth to their children, not the government.
Poor people leave inheritance taxes and unpaid bills.
Rich people convert earned income into passive and portfolio income.
Poor people don’t.

RIch people hire consultants who are more intelligent than they are.
Poor people don’t.
Rich people are loyal to each other.
Poor people aren’t.
Rich people count their blessings.
Poor people complain.
Rich people are happy to see other rich people.
Poor people begrudge others their wealth.

Rich people don’t think about how much they can earn per hour; they think about how
many people they can serve.
Poor people focus on their hourly wage or salary.
Rich people go over their bills with their children and encourage them to ask questions.
Poor people don’t.

These ideas have really caused me to think about what I’ve been doing right and what I’ve
been doing wrong, where my parents went right and where they went wrong. I like the
analogy of sitting in front of the pot belly stove and saying, “when you produce
some heat for me, I’ll put some wood in you.”


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