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A successful, well dressed attorney pulled into his office parking lot in his shiny brand new BMW, eager to show off to his office staff. Upon opening the car door, a lorry filled with bananas drove by in too close proximity, and ripped the driver’s side door off its hinges. Luckily, a police officer in his black and white patrol car was passing at that very moment, and witnessed the event. Immediately, the officer turned on his flashing lights, and came to a stop directly behind the BMW. He hadn’t even gotten out of his patrol car before he saw the lawyer ranting and raving hysterically over the damage done to his brand new BMW.

“No amount of auto body work will ever make this whole again” he screamed. “No body shop can correct this! Son of a b*tch!”

The police officer stood there in disbelief, shaking his head, waiting for the attorney to calm down.

“I cannot believe you lawyers” said the officer. “You are so materialistic. You’re so worried about material things, the important things in life escape you completely.”

“How can you speak such rubbish?” ejaculated the attorney.

To which the officer replied, “you are so worried about your car door, you didn’t even notice the lorry tore off your left arm!”

“Oh, My God!” yelled the attorney, “My Rolex!”



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