Superbowl XLV with Oprah and Ronan Keating

© April, 2011, Mirror Image Presentations, Alan John Mayer
The first post to this blog

Oprah Winfrey, Ronan Keating, and Alan Mayer are watching the Superbowl, seated in Ms. Winfrey’s lush California garden sofa, with Orville Reddenbacher on their laps.

Alan got up “I’m going to the kitchen to make some chocolate covered chicken wings marinated in Cola.  Oprah, where did you put the marinating chocolate chicken wings?”

“Those were for today?  I ate one.  It tasted weird so I –”

“Gave it to Solomon.”

“No.  Solomon wouldn’t eat them.  I gave them to Sadie.  She looked at them, rolled over, and played dead.  Sit down.  It’s too late to start marinating.  Besides, the chocolate has to melt.”

“Will you two shut up, stop thinking about what’s on the menu?”

“Alright Ronan” the two grumbled, and sat down, on top of Orville.

“You guys, I am about to give up on you” Ronan barked “If you don’t start paying attention”.

“What?  Did we miss another hole in one?”



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